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I am not under-occupying / I do not have spare bedrooms

I am of pension age, will benefit changes affect me?

I can’t afford to stay at home but don’t want to move my children away from their current school. What shall I do?

I can’t afford to stay in my current property but if I move to a private rented property my rent will be higher. What is the sense in that?

I have an attic room that I can’t use as a bedroom

I need an extra room because I have a carer who stays with me overnight

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Life at Saxon Court

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Making changes to your home

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Safe and Sound


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Step 1 – How your income is paid to you

Step 2 – Find out how much you owe

Step 3 – Can you increase your income?

Step 4 – What debts should you pay first?

Step 5 – Work out your budget

Step 6 – Work out what to pay to non-priority creditors

Step 7 Making offers to non-priority creditors

Steph’s story

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Support services

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Useful links

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