Sometimes customers place bids on properties they later decide they don’t want to live in.

A customer might be successful on a property they have bid on and then when they are offered the property, they decide to refuse it based on the location.

When this happens, it takes our staff time to process this which causes delays to us helping someone else.

It is important that we ask all our customers to please check the area of a property first, to make sure this is somewhere you are interested in living before you place a bid. This will avoid delays to us letting our empty properties.

Please remember, you do not have to bid every week if there isn’t a property suitable for you.

However, if you bid and refuse two or more offers that are suitable for your housing need then you could be suspended from the housing register for three months.

Don’t forget, our bidding cycles run for seven days per week, so you have enough time to consider:

So, before you place a bid on a property each week, please stop and think about the above points first and make sure it is the right move for you.