Housing Register Eligibility

When you apply for housing with Solihull your application will be based on if you have a housing need and if you have a close association to Solihull.

Definition of Housing Need

Your housing application will be looked at and a decision on whether you are eligible for social housing will be based on the current information you provide. This can also be known as having a housing need.

If you are found to be successful for social housing you will be awarded a band based on how urgent your current circumstance are.

You can view our Allocation Policy Banding system here. (pdf 434 kB)

Close Association with Solihull

A close association to Solihull, also known as a local connection, can be confirmed if one of the following circumstances applies to you.

The applicant or a member of their household:

  1. a) Is currently resident in the borough and has been for the two years immediately prior to their application in accommodation that was of their own choice
  2. b) Has lived in the borough of Solihull for at least three of the last five years in accommodation that was of their own choice
  3. c) Has close relatives who have been living in the borough for at least five years (close relatives means parents, adult children or brothers and sisters)
  1. d) Has employment in the borough (meaning the actual physical place of work rather than, for example, the location of the employer’s head office) and which is ongoing and regular and has been for at least the last 6 months
  1. e) Special circumstances – a close association established on these grounds is likely to be exceptional e.g. the need to be near special medical or support services which are available only in the Solihull area. They must be able to demonstrate that you or a family face life threatening crisis and require immediate rehousing as a consequence of fire, flood or a child protection emergency
  1. f) A child leaving the care of Solihull Council will have a close association to Solihull

All new applicants must be able to provide proof that they meet at least one of the above.

If you are found to be unsuccessful due to having no housing need or no close association to Solihull then you are not eligible for social housing and your application will be closed.

You should only re-apply for social housing if your circumstances are different to a previous application.

If your circumstances remain the same and you re-apply, then the decision will not change and your application will be closed.