Falls Safety Package

Our Falls Safety Package: Once you have signed up to your Safe & Sound or Safe & Sound Lite plan, you will have access to a range of add-on packages and equipment. The Falls Safety package is designed to further enhance your safety and security around the home.

It’s easy to get used to things around your homes and not notice the potential dangers, that’s why we’ve developed the Falls Safety Package.

The wrist-worn Falls Detector is a device that can only be worn on the wrist, with an in-built sensor that can detect the force and impact of a fall.

Unlike the touch pendant on the Safe & Sound and Safe & Sound Lite plans, the Falls Detector device will automatically activate to alert our control centre that help is needed. This means that even if you are physically unable to press the button, an alert would be sent automatically for help.

With your medical information to hand, a member of our Wellbeing Team will quickly be able to alert the relevant services and/ or your nominated responders to the possible emergency to ensure you get the assistance you require.

Most falls happen in the home or garden and our risk of falling increases as we age. This can be for a number of reasons and often it’s a combination of factors such as:

  • – Weak muscles and stiff joints as a result of conditions such as arthritis
  • – Heart conditions or changes in blood pressure
  • – Hearing problems which could affect your balance
  • – Changes to your sight

Things that may increase your risk of falling could be:

  • – Lighting – keep your home well lit
  • – Keep your home clutter free, especially the hall landing or stairs
  • – Look out for trailing wires
  • – Frayed carpets or uneven surfaces such as garden slabs
  • – Spillages
  • – Badly fitted shoes – avoid open backed slippers or loose fitting trousers

View further information on how to prevent falls and trips here (pdf 309 kB) or view the Solihull Free From Falls campaign video.

Weekly plan cost plus an additional: £1.11 per week
For more information: call 0121 717 1515 or make an online referral