Safe & Sound Lite Plan

Our Safe & Sound Lite Plan will provide you with a pendant alarm service, giving you confidence in your own home.  With this plan we will provide 24/7 monitoring. If required, an operator will contact your family or friends to respond in an emergency activation.

A single monthly membership gives you access to a wide range of useful services, helping you to maintain your independence throughout later life.

At the start of your membership, a dedicated member of the Wellbeing Team will work with you to agree a personalised Safe & Sound Plan, tailored specifically to your needs. This is designed to provide you and your loved ones with reassurance, expert advice, support, and a friendly voice to ensure you have what you need to sustain your independence as you grow older.

With our Safe and Sound Lite plan, we ask that customers have at least two responders who are able to respond within 45 mins once contacted in the event of an emergency. These responders must be always contactable 24/7.

Your personal alarm is digital, which means there is no need for a working telephone line, as the unit operates by SIM card within the unit. All costs are included within your set monthly charges, so there is no need to worry about having to top up the SIM card.

It also means the alarm unit is future proof because it doesn’t rely on the traditional analogue telephone network, which telephone providers plan to replace with digital equipment in coming years.

Your subscription includes unlimited alarm calls. If your unit activates, the digital alarm system calls our 24-hour team using a roaming SIM card in a matter of seconds instead of using a telephone landline which can take much longer to connect.

Responders on holiday?

We offer the flexibility of ‘stepping up’ to the Safe and Sound service for £7.41 weekly, to include the added benefit of our unique responder service where a member of the Wellbeing Team is available 24/7 to attend to emergency activations in the event of a ‘no response’.

You will be provided with a pendant alarm which can be worn either on the wrist or around the neck. Your pendant will connect you to a highly trained operator at the push of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our control centre. The operator will be able to speak to you via the unit and assess your situation to ensure you get the help that you need, which may include sending out somebody to assist you if required.

If the operator is unable to speak to you via the unit, they will contact you via your telephone. If no contact is made, then they will automatically contact one of your chosen responders.

Set up cost: £41.52
Assisted installation available for additional: £41.52
Weekly Plan: £5.00
For more information: call 0121 717 1515 or make an online referral