Your Landlord

Your landlord is Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC)

Mary Morrissey, SMBC’s Director of Economy and Infrastructure

Mary Morrissey is the Director of Economy and Infrastructure and fulfils the role requirements of the Principal Accountable Person under the Building Safety Act 2022.

Satnam Kaur, SMBC’s Assistant Director for Housing

Satnam Kaur is the health and safety lead under the Social Housing Regulation Act. She is also the officer who has responsibility for compliance with the consumer standards.

Fiona Hughes, Chief Executive of Solihull Community Housing

Chief Executive Fiona Hughes is the responsible person for Building Safety at Solihull Community Housing.

Solihull Community Housing

Solihull Community Housing manage your home on behalf of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and are responsible for making sure that services relating to Building Safety are delivered effectively and meet legal requirements.