We are continually striving to improve our services and a really important way of doing so is to listen to our customers and particularly those that take the time to tell us when we have got things wrong.  We continually monitor complaints and look for ways to improve not only the complaint process but also the everyday services we provide. From our communication with customers to service delivery.

Complaints Handling Improvements:

We have recently made changes to how we deal with complaints that can be dealt with at first resolution. We recognised that customers were waiting too long for someone to call them back or contact them about a fairly easy problem to resolve. In an effort to improve that, if our contact centre cannot resolve the issue at first resolution, they will try to put the call through to the service area, if the service area are not available the complaint will be raised formerly as a Stage 1 complaint.


Right to Buy Process:

Following a number of complaints with the right to buy process we have recognised that our communication and the information we provide throughout the process needs to be improved. The service area are now undertaking a review of the information provided and looking at ways to improve communication, particularly when the application moves through the different processes.


Medical Process:

We have made improvements to the way medical’s are processed, in particular those customers who require a property with adaptations.  Customers who submit a medical questionnaire and already reside within a property with adaptations or need to move to a property with adaptions, a referral for an Occupational Therapist assessment will be made on receipt of the medical questionnaire. This should result in fewer delays in obtaining a suitable property with adaptions.

Keep checking back to see what other improvements your contact is making.


Customer Complaint Reviewers:

Customers are now involved in reviewing letters we send out to customers. A small group of engaged residents receive information about a complaint and the letter we send to the customer detailing our investigations with all the personal information such as name, address etc. taken out. They then review that and let us know if they think we have answered all the aspects of the complaint, whether our letter and approach is suitable and shows empathy and let us know from a customer’s point of view how we are doing.