Here are some FAQs on the high rise Spandrel Panels replacement project.


Why do you need to replace the external spandrel panels on some high rises?

Following the Grenfell Tower fire buildings over 18 metres were required to be assessed and external products confirmed as certified fire resistant. While the spandrel panels did meet all regulations at the time they were fitted, they do not meet the updated regulations from 1 April 2020. Therefore, we now have a legal duty to replace them.


What will the replacement work look like?

We will stage full consultations with residents over the design and colour of the new external wall works.


Will you need entry to my flat to carry out the spandrel panel work?

This work affects 16 of our high rises. Ten of them will involve no direct entry to resident flats. We will need access to the flats in the following six high rises:


What will the impact of the work be on my flat?

The flats will lose the separate external balcony area and the doors to this will be removed. The result will be a much larger main living/lounge area. Some decorating will then be required. Residents will be offered a choice of flooring and paint finishes to complete the work. The contractor will carry this out on our behalf at no cost to you.


I’m a leaseholder, do I have to pay for the work?

No, leaseholders are not required to pay for the spandrel panel upgrade.


How long will the spandrel panels’ project take?

At this early stage we estimate it will take two to three days to complete the work in your flat.


Who will carry out the work?

It will be done by our appointed contractor and this will be confirmed in the Autumn of 2021.


So when will the work begin?

We expect the work to start early 2022. We will keep residents fully updated as the project progresses.


I would like to get more involved in the safety of my building?

Great! We would love you to. We are looking for high rise residents to work with us by becoming Building Safety Advocates.  Please visit our website to find out how you can do this.


What should I do if I have any safety concerns in my building?

Please contact us immediately on 0121 717 1599.


Please read through these FAQs carefully and if you have any further questions you can contact us for more information by completing an online form. We will respond to enquiries within five working days.