Frequently asked questions

Are you currently on our housing register or waiting for a move? We have put together a list of all our frequently asked questions, so you can understand how our register works.


Is there any guidance to completing a housing register application?

You will find supporting guidance to completing a housing register application on the Solihull Home Options website.


How long does it take for my application to be processed?

We have a 5 month backlog but we’re working as quickly as we can to get through it. We will get in touch if we need any more information and will send a letter once your application has been processed.


Should I fill out another application if I have not heard from you within 8 weeks?

No, please don’t fill in another form. For an update, call 0121 717 1515 or complete a contact us form on our website.


How many properties can I bid on each week?

You have two bids each week. Always consider all property information before bidding.


Do I have to bid each week?

No, you only need to bid if you see a property in an area you would like to live in.


Why isn’t there anything to bid on?

We can only advertise properties when people give notice on their home. Our bidding system will only show you properties that are suitable for your needs. Occasionally we advertise properties for other social landlords.


What happens if I bid on another social landlords property, and I am matched?

We will send your details to them and they will contact you directly and make the decision to accept you as a tenant.


What is a direct match?

Some properties are direct matched to customers with specific needs. These are usually priority homeless applicants or people with mobility issues that need an adapted property.


Can my housing application be suspended?

Yes, your application will be suspended if you:

  • are in rent arrears
  • refuse two suitable offers
  • are looking to downsize but still have family living with you


Why have I been skipped on a property?

This is usually because the property is not suitable for you based on the information you have given to us. Please always read the property information before bidding.


How does the bidding system work?

When you bid on a property the system automatically puts all applications in band order from Band A to Band T. It will then order all applications by date order so that the person with the highest priority band and the longest wait time is chosen first.


Do I have to finish number 1 for a property to be successful?

No, you don’t. Often, we contact applicants, and they refuse the property. If this happens, the next applicant is now successful. You can be contacted about a previous property weeks or months after bidding which you may not have been successful for at the time.


Can I move if I am in rent arrears?

Usually no, unless previous arrangements have been agreed with the Rent Arrears Team.


I have a medical priority, why am I being skipped?

This is usually because the property does not meet your medical needs.


What happens if I am matched to a property, and I am already a tenant?

We will arrange a pre vacation visit to check your property is of a good standard. If the pre vacation visit passes we will arrange a viewing of the property you have been offered.


How much time will I get to move?

This will depend on when you view the property and if it is ready to let. Once the property is ready for sign up, you will then have around one week before your tenancy starts.


Can I leave rubbish in my property for SCH to remove?

No, please remove all your rubbish otherwise we may charge you.


Do you arrange removals?

No, you will need to organise your own removal service.


What notice do I have to give if I am moving to another social landlord (Housing Association)?

If you’re successful with another social landlord from bidding on the Solihull Home Options website, you need to complete a Notice to Vacate form and give us one weeks’ notice starting from the following Monday. If you’re moving to another social landlord, but not through the Solihull Home Options website, you need to complete a Notice to Vacate form and give us four weeks’ notice starting from the following Monday.


Where do I take my keys when my tenancy ends?

Take your keys to a Solihull Connect office or put them in the post box at the front of Endeavour House. Keys must be returned before 12pm on the Monday your tenancy ends. The keys must be clearly labelled with your name and full address.


What happens if I hand my keys in late after 12pm?

If your keys are returned late, you will be charged rent for each week you have the keys.


I have an urgent enquiry, who should I contact?

We understand you may still have questions about your housing application. We would appreciate your patience during this time and ask for you wait for us to contact you if we need any more information. However if you do have an urgent enquiry which cannot wait , please call 0121 717 1515.