Please note – the Spandrel Panel programme is currently suspended. We will provide further updates soon.

Regular inspections and safety checks keep your home safe.

We have a dedicated Safer Homes team who maintain the health and safety of our buildings and your homes.

Take a look at the information below to see how they keep your home safe.


Biomass Checks

Biomass boilers are very similar to the gas boilers that you will be familiar with.

They provide heating and hot water for the entire home but instead of using gas to produce the heat, they burn sustainably sourced wood pellets.

We do not have to carry out yearly services on the unit in your home, but we do need to complete a service of the plant room equipment.


Electrical Testing

By law we must make sure your electrical fittings are safe. We check for damage to fittings, wear and tear and any exposed live wires that could cause injuries or fires.

We need to carry out an electrical inspection and test at least every five years. You will receive a copy of the certificate for the test carried out in your home.


Fire Safety

We carry out fire risk assessments to our high rise buildings annually. We also work closely with West Midlands Fire Service to keep your homes safe.

Our Estates Officers also carry out regular checks within your building to make sure items, such as the fire doors, are not damaged and are working properly.

Please remember to regularly test your smoke alarms and keep your fire doors closed. Help us keep you safe by never leaving things in the stairwell or communal areas.



Asbestos is a fibrous natural mineral that was used in many buildings due to it being excellent fire retardant and having sound-proofing qualities.

Although it is no longer used, it might still be present in some areas of your home and the communal areas of our buildings.

Asbestos fibres are only released when material containing asbestos is broken, or is in poor condition.

We have completed a survey to locate where asbestos is in this building. We also have a programme to inspect asbestos at least every year to make sure it is still in good condition.



Monthly inspections are carried out to check the lift is safe to use.

We check that the lifts are serviced and maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We also complete annual, 5-yearly and 10-yearly safety inspections.

The lift safety equipment is checked in line with the governing bodies’ recommendations.

An inspection is also carried out every six months by an independent inspector.


Water Hygiene

We carry out a risk assessment, monthly inspections and temperature checks to maintain a healthy water system and reduce the risk of legionella bacteria growing.


Building Safety Advocate

You can become a Building Safety Advocate to support our high rise buildings. You will learn about building management and safety, get involved in safety processes, report concerns and take part in annual safety events at our blocks. We will provide you with all the training and support you need.

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