View a step-by-step breakdown of how the process works.

Day 1

  • Protect flooring and carpets where necessary
  • Survey the property to decide the routes for installing pipework
  • Mark holes where the wood frame is being installed
  • Drill and vacuum fixing holes for wood fixings (2-3 hours of loud noise) 
  • Diamond drill through walls and beams as required
  • Fix wooden frame work
  • Install pipework
  • Remove floor protection

Day 2

  • Protect flooring and carpets where necessary
  • Carpenters attach battens to walls
  • Pipes are attached to battens
  • Fill pipework with water and pressure test
  • Install seal at main entrance
  • Install boxing covers to wood frame
  • Make good boxing decorations
  • Remove floor protection

Day 3/4

  • Smoke alarms are fitted
  • Install any remaining boxed covers to wood frame
  • Gaps where pipes have gone through are sealed
  • Inspect installation
  • Correct any identified defects if identified
  • Installation signed off by Clerk of Works