Properties are advertised every week for active applicants to place bids.

The advertising cycle runs from 12:01am on a Wednesday until 11:59pm the following Tuesday.

When a bid is placed the system will automatically order applications based on the current banding and the date the band was awarded to the applicant.

At the end of each advertising cycle, shortlisting for all properties advertised that week will begin. Further application checks will be completed on those that finish the highest.

Please be aware you do not have to be case one on a property in order to be successful. You could be contacted about a property you bid on a number of weeks or months ago. This would happen if the property has been refused by a previous applicants and we consider the next case until a successful case accepts the property.   

If you are successful on a bid you have placed, you will receive a letter from us in the post. We will contact you further when the property is ready for you to view.

Please note, many of our properties are advertised before the outgoing tenant has moved out and returned their keys. In some cases, the tenant may withdraw their notice and the offer you have been made will not go ahead.

On receipt of the keys the property will be inspected and any works will need to be completed before you can view this property. This means that we are not able to provide a date for when you can view the property and move in if you accept. Please do not attempt to view until we contact you to arrange an appointment.