The law requires that reasonable preference must be given to households in certain housing circumstances.  We use a banding system to do this, and this is set out in detail in the Solihull Council Housing Allocation Policy.

Please see below for a summery:

Housing Circumstances                          Priority
Exceptional medical need                             A
Acute overcrowding                             A
Hazardous accommodation                             A
Racial harassment/hate crimes/domestic violence                             A
Vulnerable persons / witness protection tier 1                             A
Releasing particular Council accommodation                             A
Releasing 2 or more bedrooms in council or housing association property in Solihull                             A
Foster carers                             A
British Armed Forces                             A
Overcrowding                             B
 Regeneration / clearance                             B
 Statutory homeless                             B
 Urgent medical need                             B
 Hardship                             B
 Children leaving care                             B
 Solihull Council tied accommodation                             B
 Families in need                             B
 Non successors                             B
 Special need                             B
 Releasing 1 bedroom in Council or housing association property in Solihull                             B
 Four need factors                             C4
 Three need factors                             C3
 Two need factors                             C2
 Persons in designated supported accommodation                             D
 Vulnerable persons / witness protection tier 2                             D
 Homeless persons other than those owed the full statutory duty                             D
 Ex offenders                             D
 Households 1 or 2 bedrooms short                             D
 Sharing bathroom & / or kitchen and a bedroom short                             D
 Vulnerable persons / witness protection tier 3                             E
 Children in flats                             E
 Sharing bathroom & / or kitchen with another household and no W/C                             E
 Non urgent medical need                             E
 Couples without children living separately                             E
 Owner occupiers with exceptional circumstances                             E
Council Housing tenants                             T

If you have any queries about our policy, please contact us on 0121 717 1515.