Here are some compliments we have received from the customers using our services.

Mrs B said the team are marvellous and have been there so much for her and her family. The team saved her daughter’s life and she is eternity great full for the good work they do in their welfare calls and going out to people when they need them.

Mrs B

Your safe and sound team are excellent, they do a great job and are always helpful and very responsive. Just thought I’d let you know that even through this current crisis they are always there to lend a helping hand.

Ms X

I was struggling to get some shopping as I have just lost my husband and have no close relatives. Debbie ordered me a food parcel which arrived the next day, this took a load of my mind. Debbie also visited to sort out my wires for telephone and alarm, she was so helpful, I want to say how grateful and happy I am with the kindness Debbie has shown me.

Mrs S

Mr B had grab rails fitted today and phoned to pay a huge compliment. Mr B said the team were very neat, very polite, very efficient and said the workman was the best he has had in 50 years, he was so impressed.

Mr B

The daughter of Mr S wanted to say how brilliant the service was and that the team went the extra mile. She was really impressed that the team were patient with her father when he pressed his alarm in error several times. She was also very pleased that the team called after he had a fall or had been in hospital to see how he is. She said it was a wonderful service.

Daughter of Mr S