SCHAPE is short for Solihull Community Housing Achieving Performance Excellence.

Joining this panel will allow you to learn all about SCH. The panel will hold us to account, review our services, examine our performance and suggest changes to the services we deliver to our committees.

We are looking to work with 10-12 people on a regular basis.

The panel will work with us to identify service areas to review, using our new service standards, to identify areas where we might not quite come up to scratch. The reviews will be in-depth and the panel will carry out around two service reviews a year, where they will set out what needs to be improved and how we might do it.

Once the changes have been put into place you will have the opportunity to make sure we have improved and done what we said we would do.

We are looking for residents to become our partners to help us improve and build on our services. If you are interested in any of our key service areas, please get in touch.

This role will require a bit of time and commitment. However, we will help you to develop your skills and knowledge through ongoing support and training. This will help you to build your confidence to carry out this demanding yet rewarding role.