April 5, 2024

Did you know? If you live in a high-rise building in England, you have new rights.

The Building Safety Act, 2022 gave legal powers to the Building Safety Regulator to help make sure tall buildings like the one you live in are safe. This means they will make sure that we, the people responsible for keeping your building safe, are managing these risks.

They also have a newsletter you can sign up to – this will:

  • provide more detail about the information your building managers must provide
  • tell you how you can take part in important decisions about your building’s safety
  • tell you how you can raise concerns
  • provide other sources of help so you can live safely in your high-rise building community
  • provide the information in different formats so everyone can access it

For more information on your rights and the role and responsibility you hold, visit this link: Gov.uk Building Safety Regulator website.