As a leaseholder you are responsible for making sure all your gas appliances – like your boiler – are checked regularly by a qualified professional to make sure they are safe.

If you don’t get your gas appliances checked regularly, not only could you be putting your own life – and the life of anyone who lives with you – in danger, but you could be risking the lives of neighbours and other residents.

Getting your gas appliances checked regularly will

Servicing gas central heating is cheaper for leaseholders

Finding a company that is registered with the Gas Safe Register (which used to be known as CORGI) to make sure your gas central heating system is safe and working properly is the sort of job people are tempted to put off.

To make it easier we have negotiated competitive prices for our leaseholders on servicing your gas central heating with the same company we trust to service our tenants’ gas appliances, Dodd Group. Dodd Group are on the Gas Safe Register.

Please note

Any agreement you enter into will be between you and Dodd Group and not Solihull Community Housing.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is produced when natural gas or other fuel does not burn fully. It is usually caused by gas appliances that are not properly fitted, maintained or ventilated. You can’t …

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