Transfer information

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you are moving home.

If you are waiting for a transfer move on the Solihull Home Options website, please take a look at the guide below.

This will provide you with a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect if you are successfully matched to a new home.

  1. Matched to a new home

    If you are successfully matched to one of our properties or another registered provider, you may be contacted for a pre-vacation visit.

  2. Pre-vacation visit

    A pre-vacation visit is where one of our officers will visit your home to check all fixtures and fittings are in place and the property has been kept to an acceptable standard.

  3. If your home passes the visit you will then receive an appointment to view your new potential home.
  4. If the visit fails you will have 48 hours to complete the works required and another visit to your home will be made.
  5. If you are unable to complete the work the offer will be withdrawn.
  6. Lettable standard

    Most of our properties are advertised during the notice period. When the keys are returned to us our team will carry out an inspection to identify any repairs.

  7. Depending on the works required it may take some weeks or even months before they are complete.
  8. Viewing your new home

    The viewing will take approximately 30 minutes.

  9. You will have to make a decision at the viewing whether you want to accept or refuse the property.
  10. If you refuse more than two reasonable offers of accommodation your housing application could be suspended for three months.
  11. Accepting the offer

    If you accept the offer you will usually be expected to move within a week.

  12. Therefore if you notice that you are close to being matched to a property you should consider making moving preparations, such as packing and sorting unwanted items.
  13. Giving notice

    You will need to give notice on your current property. This can be taken by the officer when you sign your SCH new tenancy agreement.  Or you can download a notice form here (pdf 0 kB)(pdf 69 kB) or collect one from Solihull Connect.

  14. We will accept one week’s notice for a move to another one of our properties or registered provider.
  15. If you are moving home for any other reason the notice period is 4 weeks from the following Monday.
  16. Benefits

    If you are moving and you are in receipt of benefits you must notify the agencies that you are moving and re-apply for benefit from your new address.

  17. Your housing benefit or universal credit will usually only be paid on one property at a time, unless there are extreme circumstances which mean that you are responsible for rent on two properties.
  18. You will need to talk to Housing Benefits or Universal Credit about this.
  19. Moving out

    You must leave the property completely empty.

  20. All rubbish, carpets, flooring and furniture must be removed. If you do not remove all items we will remove them and recharge you for the cost.
  21. Keys must be returned to Asset Management Hub, Chapelhouse Road, Chelmsley Wood before 12pm on the Monday the tenancy ends.

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