Have you been awarded a Band C2 and are currently waiting for a move?

We often receive questions from our Band C2 customers asking how long they will be waiting to move home.

If you are awarded band C2 this means you have more than one housing need to move, some examples of this are as follows:

Waiting times are based on banding, the length of time you have been awarded that banding, our available property stock and also location or property preference.


Here are some current statistics taken from our housing register in April 2021:

Unfortunately, due to our limited housing stock and such a high number of Band C2 customers on our housing register, waiting times to move will still be very long.


Currently, our estimated waiting times for applicants and transferring tenants awarded a Band C2 are:

To speed up your wait time we do advise you to consider all property types and locations. We also suggest the options of private renting or a mutual exchange.

Before contacting us for an update, please consider the above information.

As soon as we can, we will contact you when you are successful in bidding for a property.

All waiting times are correct as of April 2021.