Frequently asked questions

Our housing register was closed for three months due to the Coronavirus.

Since reopening the register we have been working hard to reduce the backlog of empty properties which was created by the suspension of services. We are currently receiving a high volume of customer enquiries which the team are spending a lot of time answering, this is impacting on them allocating properties quickly.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to answer your concerns and give you further information on what to do next.


Is the housing register open again?

Yes, the housing register is now open and we are allocating properties again. Because this service was suspended for three months due to Coronavirus, we are now dealing with a large backlog of properties to advertise and people to contact.


I have opened a housing application on the Solihull Home Options website, what are the next steps?

Our housing applications include two parts, these are:

  1. Housing Wizard
  2. My Social Housing

Please make sure you have completed both parts of the application.

Housing applications are being processed quickly and we are sending letters to customers who have an active application.

We have a backlog of applications where we need more information from the applicant. Letters are being sent out weekly confirming what information is needed.


Why aren’t there many properties for me to bid on?

We can only advertise a property when a tenant notifies us they are leaving their property. Over the past few months many customers have not been able to move due to the Coronavirus and therefore a lower number of properties have become available.

As the lockdown restrictions begin to lift, there may be more properties for us to advertise.

Those properties that become available will be advertised gradually over the coming weeks.

Please check the Solihull Home Options website every week to see if there is a suitable property for you.


I have an urgent enquiry, who should I contact?

We understand you may still have questions about your housing application. We would appreciate your patience during this time and ask for you wait for us to contact you if we need any more information. However if you do have an urgent enquiry which cannot wait , please call 0121 717 1515.