If you are an Assured Tenant of ours, you may be able to buy your home under the Right to Acquire scheme.

There are different qualifying periods before you can buy your home from us, and these periods depend on when you became a tenant.

If you first became a tenant before 18 January 2005 the qualifying period is 2 years. However, if you first became a tenant on or after 18 January 2005 the qualifying period is 5 years.

The amount of discount you’ll get depends on where you live. See this table detailing the discounts by location.

The scheme is open to virtually any Assured Tenant who can afford to buy.

We recommend that you read information about Right to Acquire on the government website before applying for the right to acquire scheme.

To apply, tenants should download and complete this RTA1 application form and send it to us:

Endeavour House
Meriden Drive, Kingshurst
Solihull B37 6BX