We offer a variety of useful gadgets designed to maintain your independence and give you and your loved ones’ peace of mind. They are affordable, reliable and easy to use.

All gadgets are designed to help you maintain independence and feel safe in your own home. The gadgets can be linked to a 24/7 monitor and responder service which will give you and your loved ones’ peace of mind knowing help can be called on at any time.

The Wellbeing Team can also carry out a Home Hazard Assessment, where they can provide low level equipment to help reduce risks of falls around your home.

Below is a list of the different useful gadget we offer. For more information, call 0121 717 1515.


– Pendant
– Falls monitor

Front door

– Property sensors


– Bed occupancy sensor
– Enuresis detector


– Flood detector

Living room

– Medication dispenser
– Chair occupancy sensor


– Smoke dispenser
– Temperature monitor
– Carbon monoxide monitor