December 21, 2020

We work closely with Wettons to ensure our high rise blocks are clean and tidy for you.

Wettons are committed to keeping you safe all year round.

Work has started today to ensure all high rises will have a 30-day barrier chemical applied to all touch points to stop the coronavirus from clinging to these areas.

This will include entrance and landing door handles, push plates, lift buttons and stair banisters.

The surfaces will be tested using ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) testing at random, the product will be reapplied every 30 days or sooner if test results show this is required. ATP is the carrier of any rapidly growing microbial spores and the test measures the level of ATP.

You may see some of the Wettons staff applying this barrier chemical around the blocks, they will of course be wearing masks, gloves and staying a safe distance away from each other.

We are extremely grateful for the hardworking staff and their commitment to keeping our residents safe.

A member of staff applying the cleaning barrier to communal areas

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