December 9, 2020

We have secured three injunctions against residents who live in a house on Marsh Lane in Hampton in Arden.The injunctions were granted by Birmingham County Court on December 4, 2020 against Samantha Evans (tenant), Ray Phillips (tenant’s partner) and Billy Lodge (tenant’s brother) for causing persistent nuisance through drugs, noise and disruptive behaviour.

Over a 12-month period, a number of complaints were made relating to anti social behaviour at the property which included drug use, the playing of loud music and illegal car repairs.

The injunction prohibits the following:

1) Shouting, screaming, or using foul language inside the property or within Marsh Lane, Peel Close, Elm Tree Rise, Meadow Road, Fentham Road, Butchers Road.

2) Using or threatening to use violence to any person who resides, visits, or engages in lawful activity in the same roads.

3) Playing loud music at the property at a volume that can be heard outside of the property and/or within the same roads

4) Lighting bonfires in the garden of the property and/or within the same roads

5) Undertaking the repairing, servicing or spray-painting of cars at the property or within the same roads including George Fentham School. The tenant may however undertake repairs to their own vehicle.

If the injunction is breached and proven in court, we will obtain mandatory possession of the property.

Our chief executive, Fiona Hughes, said: “Anti social behaviour is distressing for the vast majority of our law-abiding customers. If a person displays persistently inconsiderate behaviour towards their neighbours, we will take action.”

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