July 24, 2020

Birmingham Magistrates have granted a closure order on a property in Chelmsley Wood after two separate police searches revealed a cannabis factory in operation.

In June, police executed a warrant for a property on Leahill Croft under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. They found 18 cannabis plants and the electricity supply had been bypassed.

Police had previously visited the home in December 2019 when they discovered 16 cannabis plants and the electricity supply had again been bypassed.

Solihull Community Housing’s (SCH) request for a Closure Order was granted at Birmingham Magistrates Court on 22 July.

The Closure Order prohibits anyone, including the tenant, from returning to or entering the premises for a period of three months. Anyone that breaches the order commits an offence and can be arrested. They are then liable to imprisonment for a maximum of three months and will be fined.

SCH chief executive, Fiona Hughes, said: “Drug use, dealing and cultivation is strictly against the terms of a tenancy agreement and is also of course against the law.

“We want our tenants to live safely and happily in their homes and within their wider communities. Seeking a Closure Order is not something we undertake lightly. However, we will act in conjunction with Solihull Council and the police, when we hear of crimes such as this taking place in our properties.”

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