June 11, 2021

We have recently introduced a zero tolerance policy to any personal possessions left in high rise communal areas. This is to help keep our customers safe at all times. The decision has been made with a view towards customer safety in the event of a fire.

Some residents have previously kept mobility scooters, plants, small tables and chairs outside their doors. But we are no longer able to allow this and estate assistants have been instructed to remove any personal possessions. We have in recent weeks been speaking with lots of residents, explaining the reasons behind this decision. We are aware that this decision has upset a small number of residents and we are very sorry about this. It is not one we have made lightly, but it has been taken following talks with Solihull Council and West Midlands Fire Service.

You may recall we unfortunately had a serious fire in a flat at Redwood House last year. All the emergency authorities involved recommended a zero tolerance approach to belongings left in communal areas. We have been speaking with customers to explain all the reasons behind this decision. We have started a sprinkler installation programme across all our high rises and we feel that this along with the zero tolerance approach will help keep all our customers safe in the years ahead.

We are also looking for customers keen to become Building Safety Advocates (BSAs). This is a great new way in which you can voice your opinions about the safety of your building. Even if you disagree with this decision you can still become a BSA to learn more about building safety and the part you can play in keeping both yourself and your neighbours safe and well.