December 2, 2021

Now the colder months have arrived, you may start to use your boiler more often. Boiler troubles are extremely common and something everyone fears.

Don’t worry! As your landlord, we have a duty to repair a faulty boiler.

However, before calling to raise a repair, please read our check list below. You may find that your boiler just needs some TLC and doesn’t need a repair.

Check there is power
  • First check there is power to the property, are all the fuse trips in the on position?
  • Has the boiler been turned off by the button or switch?
  • Is there a light on the boiler?
Gas supply
  • Do you have a prepayment meter? You need to make sure you have both gas and electricity credit on the meter for the boiler to work.
  • If you do have credit on the meter, check the meter says “on”. If not, place the card into the meter and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If you have ran out of gas and have just added credit to the meter, you will need to reset the boiler. You can do this by turning it off, then on again which you will need to repeat twice.
Timer or temperature
  • Is the boiler set to a timer? This can be changed so the heating is on constantly and then turned off when you no longer want it on. You can also change the length of the timer.
  • Check the room thermostat is set to the temperature you want and hasn’t been set too low.

If you still need to report your boiler, please make a note of any fault codes showing and log your repair through My SCH Account or our contact centre by calling 0121 717 1515.