February 3, 2021

We have been granted a Closure Order on a flat in Chelmsley Wood after police uncovered a quantity of Class A drugs.

Birmingham Magistrates Court granted the order after a discovery of white rocks and powder were found in the one-bedroom high rise flat. The raid also revealed weighing scales and small, clear, self-seal plastic bags, often used for the weighing out and selling of illegal drugs.

Tenant, Craig Jones, 30, of Fircroft House, was present at the time of the search but claimed to have no knowledge of the items.

The illegal behaviour was brought to our attention due to an excessive number of visitors attending the property. Even after the warrant was executed, and the Closure Notice was served, the behaviour deliberately continued.

The Closure Order prohibits all persons with the exception of those named on the order from remaining in, returning to, or entering the premises for a period of three months.

Anyone that breaches the order commits an offence and can be arrested. They are then liable to imprisonment for a maximum of three months and be fined. This order provides a mandatory ground for a Possession claim, which SCH intends to pursue.

Our Chief Executive, Fiona Hughes, said: “We are saddened to hear of our properties being used to cultivate illegal drug activity. Seeking a Closure Order is not something we undertake lightly. However, we will act in conjunction with Solihull Council and the police, when we hear of crimes such as this taking place.”