August 7, 2019

One hundred years on from the first council house to be built in the UK, Solihull Community Housing tenants came together for a special centenary celebration.

The Addison Act introduced council housing in 1919 and was designed to provide good homes for troops returning from the First World War.

In keeping with the theme, SCH hosted a ‘Homes For Heroes’ tea party for a large number of tenants, invited as a thank you for all their engagement activities with them over the past few years.

SCH Chief Executive Fiona Hughes said: “Council housing has provided safe and secure homes for millions of tenants over the past 100 years, including here in Solihull.

“Our tenants are proud to live in their homes and we work hard to develop homes and communities that families can grow in. We enjoyed celebrating the Addison Act with some of our customers and hearing their stories from when many first moved into their homes in the 60s and 70s.”

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